Walter Bateman’s Tips On Building a Professional Image

I was fortunate enough to attend the PRSSA National Conference this fall. I came home inspired and motivated to enter the public relations profession when I graduate this spring.

On the last day of the conference I attended a presentation on how to build a professional image by Walter Bateman. 

“Be ready to take notes because here is the famous American oil billionaire J.P. Getty’s sure-fire formula for financial success in life…” – Walter Bateman.

1. Define success: Define what success means to you and work towards it each day.

2. Conduct an introspection: Look inward to figure out how to better yourself.

3. I.D. your value proposition: Define your values and refer to them in all personal or professional situations.

4. Develop a personal brand: Be unique; set yourself apart.

5. Create a vision: Set present and future goals for yourself. 

6. Create a search strategy: Define the steps you will take to achieve your goals.

7. Execute a tactical plan: Get a daily planner and create a schedule for yourself.

8. Establish a network: Always be open to meeting new people and creating relationships.

9. Research targets: Know as much as you can about a company and its values before you enter an interview.  

10. Exercise a discipline: Work at your goals daily.

11. Start at the top: Set yourself ahead of your peers; internships are key.

12. Understand your marketable value: Be confident with yourself and what you can bring to a potential employer.

13. Use the King’s English: Always think before you speak.

“…Rise early, work hard, and strike oil.” – Walter Bateman.


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