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n11519680_37469556_1031966The goal of this post is to give you insight into who I am and why I’m blogging.

My name is Amy and I’m currently studying public relations at the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon. I’m writing this blog to share my thoughts about the public relations industry.

Although I’m only representing myself in my blog, this is my attempt to connect and interact with people who may or may not share my interests.

As the author of this blog I intend to write about non-profit, global, and consumer public relations.  I will also discuss interesting trends in the industry.

As I continue in the world of public relations, I would like to eventually become engaged in corporate social responsibility, crisis communications, and green/sustainability trends. I am interested in issues concerning current trends and in issues that can better our society. Along with my public relations interests, I hope to incorporate my Spanish language skills and love for international communications.


One response to “Connect With Me

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Amy! Good luck with your studies. I enjoyed the Edelman quote you left on my blog. Keep in touch.

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